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Rank Higher on Amazon

Improve your keyword ranking with PageMaker
4 simple steps:
You'll start by driving traffic from outside of Amazon to your promotion.
Use PageMaker to create a promotional landing page where you promote your product.
As your keyword rankings improve, you'll get more traffic to your Amazon listing, which will result in more organic sales.
Your discount campaign will increase your conversion rate and sales velocity, which will improve your keyword rankings.

5-Star Reviews on Autopilot

Build trust and credibility and sell more products by leveraging your 5-star customer reviews.
Here's how:
Offer a discount in exchange for your customers email and send them an automated "leave a review" email.
Because you have made contact with your customer before they found you on Amazon, this method is 100% compliant and has been working for years.
You'll be able to generate 5-star reviews on autopilot while growing your credibility online.
Customers want to purchase from accredited sellers and reviews are the number one driving force.

Drive More Product Sales

Create a promotional discount for your Amazon product in under 10 minutes.
Promotional campaigns result in more sales and better rankings for your product.
Automatically send out Amazon discount codes right into your customers email inbox.
Create urgency and scarcity with countdown timers and boost conversion rates by 40%.
Get 5-star reviews on your products and increase sales with your social proof.

Create Valuable Email List

Build a valuable email database and market back to your customers organically.
Maximize your sales:
Email marketing is the most effective sales channel with $40 ROI for every $1 spend on advertising.
Building a customer database gives you the security of being able to transition onto other selling platforms.
View leads and download lead data directly from your PageMaker dashboard.
Integrate with your favorite email client and drip leads into custom sequences.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Sell more organically with our SEO-optimized landing page templates.
Organic Sales:
Use our simple-to-use SEO tools and index your landing page on Google search.
Edit your header tags, and more directly on the landing page builder.
Edit title tags, image tags, and more.
Increase sales by getting your Amazon product on the first page of Google search.
“I am a 10 year Amazon seller who was fortunate enough to be part of Pagemaker's early beta program and I can honestly say their technology is extremely good at generating sales and increasing keyword rankings .”
Samantha R.
Texas, United States

All of our plans include

CRO Landing Pages

Use Amazon-tested CRO landing pages that are built for optimal performance. We release a new landing page every week.

24/7 Support

We are proud to offer around the clock support for all of your inquiries. You can speak to us through email, chat, or Facebook.

Selling Tools

All of our pricing plans include Amazon selling tools such as our landing page builder, list builder, dynamic coupons and more.

Fast Hosting

We offer free lightning fast hosting that is built for traffic. Rest assured knowing your landing pages are optimized and loading fast.


Get valuable insights from all your landing page campaigns with our real-time campaign analytic dashboard.

Email Drips

Integrate with all your favorite email clients and create an email drip to turn leads into paying customers.


Every aspect of PageMaker is designed and developed through data-driven models. From our landing page templates to our selling tools.

Mobile First

All of our landing pages are super mobile responsive. 98% of your traffic will come from mobile and PageMaker is built for it.

Video Friendly

Add videos to your landing pages. Content is king and adding videos to your landing pages increases conversion-rates up to 23%!
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