February 28, 2021

Generate 5 Star Amazon Reviews on autopilot

Fast, easy, and 100% compliant.

The Amazon Ecosystem

Reviews aren't just beneficial for shoppers trying to find the perfect product. They're the absolute most effective way for you to boost your Amazon sales, credibility, and overall eCommerce presence.

According to a U.S consumer report, 75% of people shopping on Amazon in 2020 said that when shopping online, they're looking for the product with the best ratings and reviews.

Reviews on Amazon have a domino-effect on Amazon's algorithm. More reviews increases sales velocity, which influences your search rankings/visibility, producing more organic sales.

In this article today, we will share with you a super powerful strategy that top sellers have been using for years to generate 5 star reviews on autopilot. 100% compliant to Amazon's TOS.

Use PageMaker to generate 5-star reviews

1. Juicy Discount

The first step is to think of a juicy discount. The idea here is to incentivize people to claim your discount coupon in exchange for their email. When you generate an email lead, you will be able to send an email to your customer with the coupon code directing them back to your Amazon product page.

Not only will you receive a 5-star review but you'll have the customers valuable email address which can be used for re-marketing. And according to MailChimp's 2021 trend report; the average ROI for email marketing is $40 for every $1 spent, making it the most successful marketing channel.

How much of a discount should you offer? We recommend anything over 15%. The bigger the discount you offer, the more emails and reviews you will generate.

2. Landing Page + Email Coupon

The second step is preparing a simple email capture landing page which you can setup in less than 5 minutes on PageMaker.

We have pre-made CRO-tested email capture pages (see below) that automates the entire process 5-star review process.

All you have to do is drive traffic to the email capture landing page and PageMaker will handle the rest. When a customer fills in their email information, a coupon is automatically sent to your customers email with a message along it directing them to leave a 5-star review. Included in this email is your Amazon product listing URL so customers can easily claim the coupon in a single click.

The recipe is very simple! Drive traffic to your product landing page and offer a juicy discount in exchange for emails.

Generate Amazon 5-Star Reviews on PageMaker


3. Drive External Traffic

You can use Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, influencers, email lists and more to drive traffic to your email capture landing page. The goal here is to generate as many emails as possible. Emails are literally golden nuggets.

4. 100% Complaint

Your customer visited your landing page before visiting Amazon, making it YOUR lead, not Amazon's. You have the right to ask for a review directly. This method is 100% complaint to Amazon's TOS and has been used for many years.

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