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Animate Elements on Pagemaker

October 27, 2021

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Pagemaker now allows you to use animations on your landing page by adding simple CSS and Javascript.

You can find a list of ALL the possible animations here:

The process of adding animations to your Pagemaker landing page is incredibly easy and in 2 parts. We highly recommend going light with the animations and using them on important elements like call to actions.

1. Copy this code:

Go to your landing page editor, click on settings and open up the Javascript module. Paste this code into the header.

var link = document.createElement('link'); = 'id2';
   link.rel = 'stylesheet';
   link.href = '';

2. Select your animation:

Click on the element/button you want to animate and open up the attributes tab. From here you will add your preferred animation code. Find animations here: Below we break it down.

For example: animate__animated animate__tada animate__infinite

this is a must prefix: animate__animated
this is for type of animation: animate__tada
optional infinte loop: animate__infinite

Watch how to do it here:

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October 27, 2021


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