Top Amazon Product of the Week: Ziploc Organizer

March 15, 2022

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Amazon Product of the Week

3,700 new sellers join the Amazon platform every single day. The competition is more fierce than ever. Shipping costs are up, wait times are up, and it seems like the only thing that isn't going up are sellers revenues. That's why it's crucial to diversify your Amazon eCommerce in 2022 by introducing new products.

Of the 2000 FBA sellers Jungle Scout interviewed in 2021, the majority of them said they will be diving into new verticals in 2022 and trying to sell products that are more in sync with consumer behavior.

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The future is in the bag

The average family in the United State uses 600 resealable Ziploc bags each year. That's 58,164,139 Ziploc bags per year consumed in just the United States alone.

Resealable/reusable bags are becoming more popular not just in the United States but globally. From Australia to Africa, the compounded annual growth for the global resealable/reusable market is at a whopping 7%.

No wonder there is such insane demand for such a simple product! This will definitely be an explosive product on Amazon in 2022.

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The winning ingredients are there

If you take a look at the report below by JungleScout, we can clearly see this is a winning product. There is low competition, high demand, and every seller is making $2,000+/month.

The report also shows us the average rating number of 71 which indicates that you only need around 100 reviews to rank on the first page.

Ranking on the first page would put you on the same real estate as top sellers of the Ziploc Organizer like PurpleWares, who is generating $200,000/monthly.

JungleScout Report 2022

It's on trend and growing

The Ziploc organizer was introduced on Amazon in late 2020 and took off to a slow start. But in 2021, something changed, sales and engagement skyrocketed. This is majorly due to people becoming more aware of the product and content creators/advertisers sharing the product on social media.

The Ziploc organizer also became very popular due to COVID-19 when most people were at home and shopping for home improvement accessories. There is also a big rise in demand for "life simplifying" products like the Ziploc organizer.

Sourcing and profit

You can find the Ziploc Organizer product on Alibaba with an average price pint of $6.50USD/piece with an MOQ of 400 pieces. These are the exact suppliers being used by the top sellers of this product.

On Amazon, the Ziploc Organizer is being sold on average for $42USD/piece. Depending on your landed cost ($8-11) and Amazon shipping fees, you can expect to see an average margin of 39%.

Through experience and good negotiation, you can work with the supplier to reduce the cost to less than $5. But that totally depends on your negotiations skills!

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March 15, 2022




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