How to Crack Amazon's A10 Algorithm in 2022

March 3, 2022

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What is Amazon's A10 Algorithm?

How Amazon customers find your product depends on a lot of different factors. In 2021, Amazon's A9 algorithm was based on showing customers products with the highest profit margins.

In 2022, Amazon updated their algorithm to A10 to focus on prioritizing the customer experience. Customers who search for products will now be shown the most accurate search results, instead of products with the highest profit margins.

Owning a top position in the Amazon Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) is critical if you want to make organic sales for your products. That's why it's super important for Amazon Sellers to identify the key metrics that are responsible for how they rank on Amazon in 2022.

Amazon A10 Algorithm

The 3 Golden Metrics

There are three core metrics that influence the Amazon A10 Algorithm in 2022. If you plan on dominating your keywords, earning a top position (SERPs) and being profitable then you should pay attention to these metrics.

#1 Sales Velocity

The rate of how fat you can sell your products on Amazon. The more sales you produce on Amazon, the higher you will rank. A high rate of sales indicates to Amazon's algorithm that customers like and trust your product.

The fastest and most effective way to increase your sales velocity is to use an Amazon SaaS-based tool like Pagemaker to build promotional campaigns and increase sales velocity.

If you want to know how to increase your sales velocity using Pagemaker then watch this video.

Create a promotional campaign to influence sales velocity

#2 Get More Reviews

According to Amazon's 2022 trend report, the number one buying factor customers look for before buying a product is the customer reviews.

You'll notice top global brands ranking for their dominant keywords all have one thing in common: a lot of good reviews.

Social proof in action is one of the most reassuring factors for a buyer. When they see a lot of happy customers and a good rating score then they feel more secure purchasing.

Being able to generate a consistent stream of good reviews on Amazon is a bit of an obstacle. Since you do not know your customer or own their information, you aren't able to follow up with a post-purchase email asking for an review.

That's why top Amazon sellers around the globe use review generator tools like Pagemaker that are compliant with Amazon's terms of services.

Create good reviews on autopilot with Pagemaker's automated post-purchase flows. Watch this video.

Send post-purchase emails and generate reviews in your sleep on Pagemaker

#3 Optimize Your Product Page

Increasing your impressions and click-through rates are two simple ways to improve your search ranking One of the easiest ways to improve these metrics is by optimizing your product page.

Most brands on Amazon are eager to launch their products without putting the right amount of effort into optimizing their product listings, resulting in low click-through-rates and flat sales.

Here are the main ways to optimize your product listing page:

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March 3, 2022




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