The "Low Hanging Fruit" Strategy

August 1, 2021

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Low hanging fruit is often ignored but it's the easiest to pick.

My name is Seth and I am one of the co-founders at Pagemaker. I started selling landing pages as a hustle back in 2013 when I was a 23-year old punk working at a $9/hour job as a service desk employee.

In my first year of operations, I netted over 6-figures and it was all thanks to a landing page builder. With zero technical or business experience, I was able to design, build, integrate, and host landing pages for paying clients. I did this all while working a full time job. And I loved every minute of it.

The Low Hanging Fruit strategy is a customer outreach technique that I attribute all my early success to. It's not only a free way of finding hot leads/customers but you'll never run out of leads.

Here's the formula.

1. You've got to look professional. Create a brand, invest in a business email and use Pagemaker to fuel your business.

"Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression."
- Sonya Parker

The average online business receives over 25+ emails a week from digital agencies around the world trying to sell them services. The most important ingredient in converting cold email prospects into sales is making a lasting impression. You need to look super professional online!

The cost of looking professional is ironically very cheap. A domain is $9USD/year, a business email subscription is $5USD/month, and creating a single page website for your agency takes less than one day.

Pagemaker also gives you the complete set of tools to start an online business selling landing pages. We provide hosting, integrations, analytics, custom domains, native SEO features, sub-accounts, and so much more.

To best capitalize on on the Low Hanging Fruit strategy, you have to invest in your professional appearance.

Invest in your professional appearance.

2. Pick an industry and stick to it. Walk before you can run.

I began my journey hustling landing pages by focusing on real estate agents. They were always communicative on email, running paid ads, and the vast majority of them were using websites and not landing pages.

Another big reason I chose to focus on real estate agents was the high ticket value of a converted sale. The average real estate agent stands to pocket $20,000CAD from the sale of a home. They should have NO problem investing into a landing page that could 3x their conversion rates.

By focusing on one industry, I was able to enhance my performance and optimize my workflow. I would repurpose/tweak existing landing page templates and quickly sign up new realtors. What would usually take a developer 10 hours to build, would only take me 30 minutes. I was moving fast, I was scalable, and the sky was the limit.

Lastly, by focusing on one industry, my reputation in that space grew and referrals came crashing in. Adding the lifetime value and repeat business factor; I slowly found myself nestling into a foreseeable "career" selling landing pages and after making my first $5,000/mo. I quit my job.

Tip: Dentists, realtors, and lawyers are great industries.

3. Create a kick-ass email template and blow your
clients away with your words and delivery.

"Hi, this is Seth from XYZ Marketing Solutions"... DELETE!

If I had a dime for every boring email I receive on a daily basis I would be richer than Elon Musk. To be successful with cold emailing, you need to multivariate test between email copies and find a banger! 

Try to be witty and be yourself. No business owner wants to read the same damn regurgitated monotone email day after day. You need to be short, confident, and straight to the point.

My strategy was simple. I created 2 email templates with each variant being more aggressive/wittier than the other. I treated the email copy as if I was at a bar networking and it was an absolute gold mine.

Example 1

Hey John,
I saw your landing page and I almost fell off my chair. Can you give me 15 minutes of your time? I promise it'll be of extreme value to you and if you do not think so, i'll buy you a coffee (Just not Starbucks because who the hell likes Starbucks, am I right?".

I am the go-to for real estate landing pages. I'm pretty famous. Check out this landing page and book a call with me below whenever you have time!"

PS. I love Florida!

Example 2

Hey John,
When was the last time you got high? I mean high conversions. I am the go-to for landing pages in the real estate industry. I build quick and affordable landing pages that 3x your conversion rates.

Here is an example of my work:

Give me ONE opportunity to build you a real estate landing page. If you do not see improved results, I will listen to an entire Coldplay album. I am 100% serious.

Book a call with me HERE and I promise you'll love working with me.

lol: This is a dummy email. Do not copy and use.

4. Find hot leads by going to search engines and typing in popular industry keywords + local city

I didn't have a marketing expenditure when I began hustling landing pages. I had to rely on my own creativity and that is how I began finding HOT leads on Google. I would type in industry keywords + city and reach out to every single realtor running a paid ad. It looked something like this:

You'd be surprised by how many real estate agents in Toronto are running paid ads. You'd be even more surprised at the fact that 95% of them are running paid ads to crappy websites that aren't setup for high conversions. This was my bread and butter, a way to find UNLIMITED FREE HOT LEADS, and convert them into paying customers.

I made 6 figures selling landing pages in my first year of operations by working ONLY with realtors from Toronto. Never-mind the 300+ other cities in Canada, or the rest of the world. In short, you'll never run out of leads.

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August 1, 2021




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